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Towards A Simple But Pleasant Life

Posted on:2008-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215487499Subject:Principles of Education
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The ideal education is always taken care but the result isdisappointed. Our country pays most attention to the ideal ed-ucation, especially in the elementary and middle school's e-ducation. There is the ideal education in the elementary andmiddle schools in any stage. The student writes the thesis "MyIdeal" from primary school to middle school even university.Though, the ideal education result is actually so unsatisfying.The traditional ideal education content isn't used to thestudent's life, it has already lost the intrinsic inspiredforce in student's heart. We have to consider: how about theIdeal education?The paper begins with the analysis of the topical text"My Ideal"in elementary and middle schools' writing, meanwhile studies"Middle-school student Moral education Program", in order todiscover the problem behind the text. This article believesthat, in the tradition ideal education the society hope isbeyond the individual hope, the lofty goal is separated fromthe ordinary life, the material desire replaces the mind'senjoy, the realization of concrete goal covers the pursuit oflife significance, all of these means short of hope.This article's description distinguishes the former onethat elaborates from the political macroscopic angle; itchanges the high, oversized, far ideal education goal in the tradition ideal education in theoretically, providing a newangle of view for the ideal education and even the entire moraleducation. The paper bases the ideal education on the ordinaryand the happy life, which has liberated the individual from thedepressed and over ideal education goal condition, which makesthe individual can face the real world while open the windowof the hope, but not to lose oneself in the realistic materialdesire, which makes the individual learn to be an ordinaryperson first, live an ordinary life, experience the happinessin ordinary life. The paper starts from the survival conditionof individual, setting up an education ideal that everyoneapproves which is closely linked with each person and has thereal life connotation. Let the ideal education return to theindividual, to ordinary, towards mind and beyond the life.
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