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The Research On Ideal Education For Middle School Students

Posted on:2014-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ideal is the spiritual pillar for the people and is the power inherent in social developmentas well. Ideal is of great importance for middle school students during their growth, moreimportantly, it concerns the future and destiny of the country. Nowadays, much attention hasbeen paid to the ideal education for youth in the world. In our country, both the Party and theState have been attaching great important to ideal education over the years. The idealeducation is an important part of moral education in middle schools. However, under thecurrent educational system, schools pay more attention to the grades in examinations, andinadequate attention to the students’ ideal education, whose influence is not obvious. With therapid development of economic globalization and the globalization of information, China’sfurther reform and opening up, the gradual development of socialism market economy hasbrought dramatic changes in social living, during which process, such negative thoughts as aprofit motive, individual interest first, etc. was always striking people’s ideas, Therefore,among secondary school students, there exists some confusion in their growth in varyingdegrees. Some phenomena like being weary of studying, comparing unrealistically, Internetaddiction, etc. never fail to be related with lack of proper ideal among the middle schoolstudents. Therefore, we should strengthen the ideal education for them. Faced with the presentsituation, educators should make efforts to promote quality education, and keep pace withtimes, with the spirits of reforming and innovation, keeping exploring new ways to leadstudents build up scientific ideals, and promoting the improvement of students ’comprehensive qualities.The author is a high school teacher, served as a head teacher for about13years. Duringthese years, she spotted many problems related to the students’ lack of ideal. Through furtherinvestigation, she raised some more issues about middle school students’ ideal education,analyzing the problems in middle school students’ ideal education, hoping to find an effectiveway of strengthening middle school students’ ideal education.This article is made up of four sections besides introduction:Section I, the essential elements of an ideal education for middle school students, analysis of the primary contents of the ideal education. The ideal education is supposed tocontain ideal of life, ideal for careers, moral ideal and ideal of society. Meanwhile, the surveyto the foreign students’ ideal education provides a useful reference for strengthening the idealeducation of our students.Section II is the scientific basis of ideal education for middle school students,emphasizing the necessity and urgency of ideal education.Section III contains status, problems and the analysis to the causes in ideal education ofmiddle school students. First of all, through investigation, aiming at understanding middleschool students’ ideal situation, she found the situation in ideal education for middle schoolstudents was too bad, such phenomena as "money worship","reading useless" and "pleasuredoctrine" currently have an ill effect on ideal education. Study found that problems in middleschool students’ ideal education result from improper home education, while ideal educationin school is too "high". Analysis of causes of problems in middle school students’ ideologicaleducation will conclude the three aspects of society, family and school. Affected by thenegative impact of economic globalization and the globalization of information, some of theindecent moral atmosphere of society, and have a negative effect on students.Misunderstanding on the concept of family education, measures taken by the family on theideal education of middle school students was relatively not enough. Schools’ awareness ofideal education for middle school students is not in place, ignoring individual ideals, too muchemphasizing social ideals of ideal education. As a result, educational contents are somelimitations, and the education influence on the students is limited as well.Section IV is to strengthen the principles of ideal education of middle school studentsand ways to summarize the text, following scientific, subjectivity, and practicality, finallylisted the five effective ways to strengthen students’ ideal education.
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