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Research On The Relationships Between The Features Of Sexual Knowledge, Sexual Concept, Self-esteem And Sexual Behavior Of Senior School Students

Posted on:2008-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215978517Subject:Basic Psychology
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Teenagers are on the pivotal moment that their body and mind changed rapidly and their personality formed. With the development of sexual psychology and maturity of sexual physiology, sexual problem becomes an important problem they must face to. The object of this research is the grade 1 and grade 2 students from ChangChun Second Experimental School. The questionnaire investigates sexual actuality of teenagers from three aspects: sexual knowledge, sexual concept and sexual behavior, tries to find out the relationship between sexual knowledge, sexual concept, self-esteem and sexual behaviors.The result shows that senior school students have no mental preparative for the first spermatorrhea and emmenia, they master the common sexual knowledge but know few about the notional sexual knowledge. Most of them long for know the knowledge about heterosexual intercourse, but the origin of their sexual knowledge has notable difference on the sex. Senior school students'sexual concept is exoteric, they have inconsistency and confusion on the amatory notion, but they have discreet attitude toward premarital sex. Sexual behaviors of most of them accord with the criterion of society, only several students have the experience of sex. Self-esteem of teenagers is above the middle level, the students on the high self-esteem level are twice than the students on the low self-esteem level. In addition, the different dimensionalities of sexual knowledge have remarkable mutuality with sexual behaviors; sexual concepts have obvious relation with love affair and masturbation, teenagers'self-esteem has prominent correlation with some sexual behavior. Senior school students lack effective adolescent sexual education, thus, we suggests school, family and society to try their best to develop the normal sexual education with education of personality as the basis.
Keywords/Search Tags:sexual knowledge, sexual concept, sexual behavior, self-esteem
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