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Researching Web-Based Learning Interaction Referred To Knowledge Construct Process

Posted on:2008-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360242972060Subject:Education Technology
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Considering our country' s poor quality of web-based learning and web-based learning interaction status at home and abroad, the paper introduced the concept of knowledge construct process to the interactive analysis of the web-based learning, analyzing the web-based learning interaction from the knowledge construct view.The paper demonstrated three research stages conducted in study, around two major themes of "analysis system construct"and "empirical analysis":As the foundation part of the study, the first stage solved problems about "what" and "why", explained the related concepts about knowledge construct process and web-based learning interaction, induced the status and trends of web-based learning interaction and interactive analysis methods at home and abroad, found the jumping-off of the study, and introduced the two major analyzing methods of the study.The second stage as the main body of the study, solved problem of "how to use". From the knowledge construction process, different analysis dimensions and levels were constructed in web-based learning interaction based on knowledge construct process integrated with content analysis, social network analysis, interview and survey, and analyzed the web-based learning interaction with the analysis system.The third stage as the core of the study, using the interaction analysis system to empirically analyze a web-based course forum which the author participated. Identified the main factors impacted web-based learning interaction, reflected and evaluated the interactive analysis system.The fourth stage as the sum-up of the study, based on the conclusion of the study, provided material direction for the latter study.The study provided a referenced analysis system for web-based learning interaction analysis, and empirically analyze"Modern Distance Education"course forum of Zhejiang Normal University. Provided reference for similar study, brought forward some suggestions and strategies to improve web-based learning effect.On the basis of the above study, the paper received these conclusions: 1. Based on the asynchronous web-based learning interaction on the web-based teaching had prodigiouss advantages, increased many opportunities for learners taking part in learning, enhanced interaction and collaborative learning between learners, and impeled learners participating in the knowledge construct process.2. In the web-based learning interaction, learners showed obvious active learning tendency.The learners become active and collaborative knowledge constructors from passive knowledge receivers.3. In order to improve the quality of the web-based learning interaction,and promote the formation of the knowledge constructing, teachers and e-tutors should create well web-based learning interaction condition,design magnetic interactive subjects, play the role of the mentor and monitor, design comprehensive and logical appraise gauge, apply availability interact tactic to improve the learners' interest and motivation.The depth and extent of the learners' interaction were the important affect factors of the web-based learning quality.In order to improve web-based learning quality, we should improve the interactive quality between the learners.We believe that, with the progress of our study on the web-based learning interaction, find the way and tactic to improve the interactive effect, learners would construct more and higher knowledge through interaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Knowledge Construct Process, Web-based Learning Interaction, Implicit Knowledge, Explicit Knowledge, Network Analysis, Social Network Analysis
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