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Research On High School Students' Mathematical Problem Schema

Posted on:2010-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, question schematic representation problem at the role of attention by researchers. Schema level of the next issue is the impact of a specific problem, this problem is not only explore the psychological mechanism to resolve their own needs, but also teachers, good teaching and learning, students learn the required combination. Problem schemata are able to solve the problem at the process of the central role of knowledge unit, "schema" was produced in foreign countries though, but the process of human cognitive development is the same. Chinese scholars abroad at the basis of the theory made a further study. Formed there is a lot of guidance to the value of results. So that our characterization of the problem-solving more profound understanding of the mechanism. However, in mathematics teaching practice, the lack of specific conclusions and actionable manner, although the analogy found in problem-solving and study sample schema problem is an effective way to two, but the problem schema is varies from person to person in terms of gender, questions The level of conventional and unconventional solution to the problem whether there are different effects on the math score rose to whether there is direct impact. The topic of the schema at the level of testing and schema level to solve the problem single-handedly have better data and analysis, as well as one of significance inherent in educational psychology in order to enable students to better solve math problems, access to knowledge, improve the capacity of.This subject from the first-line teaching, select the Qiqihar region high school students as the research object to some questions as a starting point, firstly, the question of gender on the level of schema, the second, different level of problem schema of conventional problem, very regulate the impact of problems, third, whether the level of problem schemata directly affect the students grade. After a preparation phase, the experimental testing phase, analysis phase. Conclusion Of course, should also be feasible if there is the outcome of the practice phase. Specific use of empirical research methods, from the schema level of the questionnaire to the SPSS data analysis used a more scientific method, and strive to enable accurate data, conclusions and reasonable operational. According to the results of this study, the level of problem schema to resolve the problem has a direct influence. The researchers recommended that future studies need to adopt the actual classroom observation, students further explore the issue of schema level of teaching there is what kind of impact. And will question Schemata and other disciplines together research knowledge in order to obtain academic knowledge, a richer picture. And teacher education should be strengthened to students questions diagram middle school math subjects and cultivate knowledge and training. Problem schema to enable research for secondary school students the knowledge, ability to Contribute to improve.
Keywords/Search Tags:problem schema, knowledge construction, problem solving, representation
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