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The Theoretical And Practical Research On The Reform Of Police's Physical Course In China Police's Colleges

Posted on:2009-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275963880Subject:Ethnic Traditional Sports
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Police's physical education is a vital part of public security education for the purpose of training strong and skillful people's police.Police's physical education is always served for the need of executing laws and public security practice.After this major being deleted,the courses of police'sphysical education is still existed altogether with some sourses concerning police tactics,which become the general or specific selected courses in many public security colleges, but the arrange of these courses is not consistent and resonable.Hence, it is necessary to reform the course.The thesis explores and analyzes the theory and practice of the course reforming of police's physical education by means of literature,data statistics,etc.,and raise a new concept of establishing a brand-new police's physical education course system.The main conclusions are the following aspects:1.It expounds the difference of the five concepts—police's physical education,police tactics,police command and tactics and skills in police affairs in terms of theory as well as the inclusive and permeable relation among them.Police's tactics and physical education can help police to build up strong body,train skillful capture skills and help us to put what we have learnt through this course into practical work. Besides,it makes clear the concepts of educational aim,training aim, course objective,and teaching aim as well as the ralation among them, which plays an important role in theoretic and practical research of the course reforming of police's physical education.2.The concept of public security education value,the need of talent people,training aim,course objective,teachers' abililty and the needs of the students are the six factors which can directly influence the success or failure of the reform of police's physical education.3.Survey results show that most public security colleges have adjusted the training aim,but the content and structure of the courses are inconsistent,compulsory and selected courses are arranged improperly and don't keep pace with the times,lacking in flexibility and self-decision and the teachers' ability is low.Students needn't only take police's physical education course but also intend to learn more from police tactics course.4.Arrangement of police's physical education course in public security colleges has similarities with that in domestic ordinary higher school,but also has obvious differences.The concept "health first" and "life-long physical education" is consistent and police's physical education should also train students' consciousness of mastering police skills.The distribution of training aim,course aim,course structure and content,class hour and credit between them is obviously different; police physical education has its own speciality.Comparative results of police's physical education courses in China and foreign countries:america,Britain and other three countries especially emphasize the simulated practical combat training.In addition,by comparing the rate of the ordinary physical education and tactics course,the arrangement of tactics course,the content of selective courses,training method as well as education system differences can be easily found.5.The essential prequisite of successfully establishing a brand-new course system is to create and change the concept,guide the social and students' needs,to establish the traing aim,adjust implementing plan and improve teachers' ability.This new course system should have six characteristics:enrich,compatible,openness,flexible,self-decided, usability.
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