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A Study Of Evaluating Discourse Discourse In Modern Chinese

Posted on:2015-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2175330431974804Subject:Foreign Language Teaching
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The paper researches on "appraise-speculate" discourse markers which include "Tingshangqu""Tingqilai""Kanqilai""Kanlai""Kanyangzi"and"Xianglai"and so on. These members have structural institutionalization, grammaticalization of lexical meaning and flexible syntactic positions, dissociate beyond the syntactic structure without changing the real meaning of the sentence, can be located at the beginning of the sentences or among the sentences, sometimes may also be located at the end, to express the speaker’s subjective views, attitudes or emotions towards propositions, such as appraisal and speculation. And the "appraise-speculate" discourse markers have cancellability, non-detachability, conventionalization and uncertainty.Firstly, study the typicalities and location distributions of the "appraise-speculate" discourse markers based on statistical data. They exhibit the trend of continuum in typicalities, and their typicality degrees are influenced by the frequency of use and the degree of lexicalization, the type of writing. While the ranges of boundary decrease in the order of the beginning of the sentences>among the sentences> inter-sentences; the degree of subjectivity and the degree of the speaker’s involvement are affected with the changes of the location distributions of the"appraise-speculate" discourse markers.Secondly, the paper sums up the discourse patterns of the "appraise-speculate" discourse markers used commonly, and the discourse patterns, which express strong appraisal, strong speculation and transitional type, are made up of the discourse framework and semantic relation based on that. And the paper has a detailed investigation on co-occurrence use of the "appraise-speculate" discourse markers and modal adverbs on basis of the corpus. The results show that, the selectivity in the co-occurrence use is influenced by the conditions the speculation base on, the speaker’s confidence, the typicality degree of the "appraise-speculate" discourse markers and the components of morpheme. While it reflects that the credibility degrees are different among the "appraise-speculate" discourse markers when they are used with different modal adverbs.Finally, the paper discusses the textual function, the meta-pragmatic function, the interpersonal function, and the evidential function which are reflected in oral communications and texts.
Keywords/Search Tags:appraise-speculate, discourse marker, location distribution, discourse pattern, function
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