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The New Development Of China 's Detention System

Posted on:2015-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Research related to the detention center system has been concern in the field,2009Yunnan "hide and seek " Event is the culmination of the detention center ontothe public. Following this, a series of unnatural deaths in detention centers have beengradually exposed on the Internet and other media, the public-oriented system allowsthe detention center is no longer merely a matter of academic interest, but alsobecome the focus of public attention. With the sound of the rule of law, protection ofhuman rights concepts in depth, as well as enhanced community supervision,detention centers in the past five years since the country does not torture incidentstogether, abnormal event has little deaths occurred within the detention center. Thesystem has been in the detention center transformation and development, in2013thenew " Criminal Procedure Law " introduced so that the criminal justice processtowards a more civilized, more open and made great strides in the direction of itselfis the weak link in the detention center proposed new requirements, requirementsdetention system must have a new development in order to better criminalproceedings convergence. In this context presents a detention system is indeeddifferent from the past trend, the specific performance of the functions from thedetention center to guarantee protection of Criminal Investigation Criminal change,and pay more attention to the protection of human rights change, and strengthen thesupervision of the detention center authorities of other investigators functions.Detention of the existing system development prospects detention regime alsoestablished more specific goals, we have to complete the legislative draftingdetention law as soon as possible, the existing " Detention Bill " either from the legalform and content can not be with " Code of Criminal Procedure," a good fit with theconvergence. In addition, the detention center itself should also improve themanagement level, to achieve humane management. Perfection is not an overnightdetention system can be achieved, it should be combined with the current legalenvironment gradual development, continue to reform the management system of thedetention center, to achieve reconnaissance charge separation, so that detention incustody independence. At the same time improve the supervision mechanism of thedetention center, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the prosecution butalso to provide the conditions for community supervision, accept social supervision, expanding the scope of the pilot inspection system of detention facilities, allowingthe public into the detention center to oversee detention regulatory activities.
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