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A Study On The Localization Of Overseas Personnel In Shanghai

Posted on:2014-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Shanghai is a developed city count as one of the very best in China inland city, attracted by its annual foreign population, too many to count, with social progress and development, with the change of people life level and the life of the mind, more and more foreign population began to flow to the city of Shanghai, china. Foreigners coming to Shanghai, can play a great role in promoting, regardless of the social environment, economic development and cultural exchange. However, substantial foreign population rapid promotion, for the management of foreign population in Shanghai City, has brought certain difficulties and obstacles.Foreign population in Shanghai city management level can represent the city management level, mainly for the overall stable development, but the development has some problems, these problems include aspects of territorial management laws and regulations, management system and governance issues. Among them, the staff outside the territorial management problems are more prominent, effective way to study overseas territorial management can promote the level and effects of management of foreign personnel in Shanghai city to a great extent, also can bring the whole country to foreign personnel management and service of the adjustment and construction, very practical significance.This paper based on a large number of related books, literature knowledge as the theoretical basis, combined with the actual survey data, comparison and other research methods, the logical reasoning of bold offshore personnel management of overseas staff of Shanghai city and the existing policy of territorial management problems, and based on the solution, research the significance for the exploration and research.
Keywords/Search Tags:foreign personnel, management, laws and regulations, policy, development
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