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Case Study On The Management Of "Creating Laws And Regulations" In New Village Settlement Of Ya'an

Posted on:2021-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330626455849Subject:Public Administration
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The construction of new socialist countryside is an important historical task for the party and the state to promote the modernization process.The 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy.The Rural Revitalization and development is the implementation of the new development concept.To achieve the rural revitalization,we must do a good job in rural construction and governance,modern agricultural development,and farmers' poverty alleviation and prosperity.The innovation of new village management is an important part of the innovation of social governance,as well as the institutional guarantee for the realization of the Rural Revitalization Strategy.Sichuan provincial Party committee also proposed to speed up the construction of a happy and beautiful new village with "prosperity of industry,prosperity of family,harmony of people and beauty of village".As one of the important contents of building a happy and beautiful new village in Sichuan Province,the construction of "new village settlement" has achieved remarkable results.However,with the changes in the spatial structure,production and life,social mode and social governance brought about by the transformation of rural people from scattered to moderately concentrated,problems and contradictions in the control of housing style,maintenance of public facilities and environmental health governance are increasingly prominent.At the same time,there are still some problems in the new village settlement,such as unclear management related subjects,backward management methods,mismatching of villagers' conventions,lack of system guarantee for public operation and management funds of the settlement.It is difficult to directly or completely adapt to the organization law of villagers' committee,property management regulations and the original village regulations,which seriously restricts the construction process of new socialist countryside.In this paper,Ya'an City,after the earthquake reconstruction of new village settlements for example,the creation of laws and regulations management,the "4.20" Lushan earthquake reconstruction of 232 new village settlements for standardized management,through legal means to mobilize villagers to participate in the settlement of services and management,guide residents to develop good habits,form a good atmosphere and other aspects have achieved certain results.Based on the management principles of "government guidance,resident subject,democratic management and self-service",this paper attempts to rationalize the relationship between complex property rights and management subjects in the new village settlement,endow the independent management committee with legal status,formulate rules of procedure and resident management conventions,standardize the collection and source of management funds in the new village settlement,and improve the supervision and assessment mechanism Creating laws and regulations to solve the management path is of great significance to consolidate and enhance the achievements of post earthquake reconstruction.It is of great practical significance to explore how to promote the management of new village settlements by using coordination mechanism,trust mechanism and benefit mechanism,and standardize the management of new village settlements in the form of law.It provides a reference blueprint for promoting the construction of new rural areas and realizing the creation of laws and regulations in settlements,and plays an important role in promoting the construction of new socialist rural areas with Chinese characteristics in the new era according to law.
Keywords/Search Tags:Creating laws and regulations, post disaster reconstruction, collaborative governance and trust building
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