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New Factors Of China 's Diplomatic Strategy: Data Sovereignty

Posted on:2016-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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When we enter the21st century, the rapid development of science andtechnology attract our attention, especially the achievements in the field of digitalinformation. The popularity of mobile smartphones,"cloud" storage technology, largesocial networking sites and video web sites tells us a truth: Big data era is coming.The scale of data, the speed of accessing to data and the ability to use hugeamounts of data are all the index to measure a country’s comprehensive strength. Vastamounts of data, not only contain important information in all aspects of a country,but also have an ability to predict the country’s future. It is important for a country’ssecurity and grand strategic ability. Therefore, in nowadays, the claims for datasovereignty arise and data sovereignty is gradually entering national core power.Chinese diplomatic strategy also changes because of the big data. Chinesediplomatic strategy begins to include data resources, and diplomatic strategicobjectives are aimed at data sovereignty. The choice of diplomatic strategy also beginto consider the data sovereignty. The influence between Chinese diplomatic strategyand data sovereignty become more and more profound.At the same time, the informatization level of every country is different. Whenthe big data era arrives, the gap of informatization level between developing anddeveloped countries becomes bigger and bigger. Poor countries can not effectivelydefend their data sovereignty, and some developed countries frequently invadedeveloping countries’ data sovereign. Especially after the “prism door” incidentbroke out in America, the legitimacy of the data transmission, the security of thecross-border data transmission and the reliability of “cloud” storage make the datasovereignty more and more important. To handle the challenges of data sovereignty,we should actively absorb developed countries’ experiences and combine all theexperiences with our practical situation. If we defend our data sovereignty perfectly,Chinese diplomatic strategy layout can be realized sooner or later.
Keywords/Search Tags:Big data, Cloud computing, Data sovereignty
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