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Research On The Reform Of Administrative Examination And Approval System Based On Government Function Theory

Posted on:2016-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A N WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330461963170Subject:Administrative Management
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Government functions have been the world wide concern in academic and practical area. With the growing prosperity in the market and increasingly perfect construction of the legal system, the main countries in the world are carrying out administrative reform to realize government function adjustment in order to further adapt to the market economy and the need of social development. One of the main way to build a service-oriented government in our country is the administrative examination and approval system reform so as to realize the relocation of government, market and the society and better promote the development of economy and society. The reform of administrative examination and approval system in our country lasting for 15 years, which has achieved remarkable results in the quantity at present and carried out powerful reform on the types, ways and process of the examination and approval system. But the market and social perception of the results of the reform is not optimistic. There are mechanism, system and concept problems left.After plentiful literature research, this author has listed the current situation of the administrative examination and approval system reform in our country. Based on the Service-oriented Government Theory and the "State-Society" Theory, the author has analyzed the existing problems in the reform of administrative examination and approval such as the lack of service concept, the formalism in checking and revising work, weak supervision and lack of a complete set of functional institutions functional. The author tried to find the reasons from multiple perspectives of history, system and mechanism. Lastly, the author offered the proposals to set up a more standard and logical administrative examination and approval system though the following four aspects:setting up the correct value, strengthening the supporting system, building modern process and improving the supporting institution building. The willing is to provide reference for the further reform of the administrative examination and approval system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative examination and approval, Administrative license, Government functions, Service-oriented government
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