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Research On The Administrative Examination And Approval System Reform In The Service-oriented Government Construction In Nankai District Tianjin

Posted on:2017-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P Y JingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330515965713Subject:Public administration
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Administrative examination and approval system of government as an important means of economic regulation and social regulation, experienced several large-scale streamlining and decentralization. In Tianjin Municipal, the government of Nankai District is also engaged in beneficial exploration in the aspects of mergers,decentralization and supervision of the administrative examination and approval authority under the guidance of top-level design. These reforms have significantly promoted the construction of the socialist market economic system, as well as service government, responsible government and the rules of law government, it provides a guarantee for economic and social development in Nankai District. However, the existing administrative examination and approval system have some problems such as the industry guidance and the regulatory convergence needing to be strengthened, the standardization of service needing to be refined, the imperfectness of top-level design,the weakness of the publicity of administrative examination and approval system reform ,and the bottleneck of the construction of information technology. These issues are incompatible with neither the rapid development of the socialist market economy,nor the internal requirements of building the service-oriented government.In the background of building service-oriented government in current China, the author supposes that the deepening reform of the administrative approval system is critical part of it. Then, the author intends to review and summarize the experience of regulatory reforms in developed countries, and the practice of "Timeouts Acquiescence" system, "Three Cards in One","One License for One Code" system,as well as building the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau in the reform of administrative examination and approval system in Nankai District, Tianjin Municipal. In addition, the author provides achievements and difficulties faced by daily work. Finally, author tries to explore a new solution by promoting the optimization of the approval process, strengthening information techno logy construction and promoting the construction of standardization, developing the potential and improving the supervision and inspection to reform the administrative examination and approval system in the process of building the service-oriented government in the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Nankai District.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Examination and Approval, Service-oriented Government, Measures
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