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A Study On The Influencing Factors And Possibility Of Safeguarding The Sovereignty Of China 's Outlying Islands By Cross - Strait Cooperation

Posted on:2015-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330467464547Subject:International politics
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Today, the power of the peace of the world is greatly more than the power of the war. But with the development of world economic interdependence, the competitions between countries and distrust have not been able to eliminate, and the international community also will face more complicated security challenges. To safeguard China’s sovereignty as the core of traditional security and non-traditional security factors are intertwined, The heart of the security issue does not change. More and more rich connotation on the one hand, increases the difficulty of conflict resolution, on the other hand offers a new way for the solution of the contradiction.The current China’s peripheral security environment is facing severe challenges, mainly in the east and the south, including the question of the Korean peninsula, maritime disputes between China and Japan, the south China sea, the Taiwan issue, the china-india boundary question and so on. Sea disputes between China and Japan, the south China sea islands concern sovereignty and maritime rights and interests of our country. Especially in the international background of the United States return to the asia-pacific strategy, the complication of diaoyu islands and the south China sea dispute reveals a handful of countries trying to steal China’s maritime rights and interests, also exposes the disadvantages of China ocean strategy space.Along with the economic crisis,since the expansion of China’s own strength and the global influence, the interests of the relevant overseas expansion, safeguard national Marine rights and interests, ensure the security of the national Marine, especially the maintenance of isolated islands sovereignty become China’s urgent need to complete strategic task.The diaoyu island and its affiliated islands and south China sea islands sovereignty is one of China’s core interests, and it is related to national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and is related to national unity and security and national dignity and among people, must be resolutely safeguard China’s core interests. Under the premise of the one China, cross-strait shares common interests on the diaoyu islands and the south China sea issue, holds a similar position. There have been jointly safeguard the sovereignty of history, in many ways have broad cooperation space, and mutual obligations and responsibilities on both sides of the Taiwan straits.This paper combed the history and present situation of the diaoyu islands and the south China sea dispute. Through the comparison on both sides of the relevant policies and measures, analysis of the current international and domestic factors, which affect the cross-strait cooperation to solve disputes. Current national sovereignty of isolated islands, properly handle maritime disputes, must take the diaoyu islands in the east China sea and south China sea islands sovereignty dispute into a unified framework to analyze the process, must actively strive for and deepen the cooperation with Taiwan, in such aspects as politics, economy, military interaction and coordinated action. Innovative put forward in the country has not yet been unified under special circumstances, the cross-strait cooperation in the maintenance of China offshore islands sovereignty there are three kinds of possible forms, and further analyzed the possibility of each form of cooperation, put forward some effective Suggestions to promote the current cross-strait cooperation and safeguarding the common interests of the Chinese nation.
Keywords/Search Tags:the cooperation on both sides, the diaoyu islands, the south Chinasea, the islands sovereignty, possibility of cooperation
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