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Study Based On Microcontroller And FPGA In Single-Phase Programmable Power Source

Posted on:2011-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330305960365Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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Today with the rapid development of modern electronic technology, research and application areas of various industries, often require high accuracy and frequency adjustable signal source which requested digital signal to control, this is the digital frequency synthesizer--DDS. DDS can achieve high accuracy, high speed, high reliability and other requirements. Therefore, DDS technology for high-precision signal generator with frequency adjustable design and implementation provides a theoretical basis and technical support.In this design, research status at home and abroad which combined the advantages of DDS technology and use FPGA to achieve DDS,this method have much more advantages than ever before. Because of large-scale, high-integration features, DDS can be completed in a single FPGA actually, based on the actual application can be designed to achieve series features a different DDS chip. In the design, using hardware description language design FPGA, and high-precision D/A conversion device, amplitude-conditioning system, transformed the second-order filter and some other column hardware on the FPGA output.These methods make reduction of discrete waveform sequence, synthesis to achieve the requirements of the sine wave output waveform. This paper introduces the programmable power source voltage of power amplifier section, using the multi-stage amplifier circuit to amplify the output signal of the DDS. In order to get an ideal power source voltage output, closed loop control was uesd to make the signal more stable. Finally, the main control system software design was narrated, through a series of modular software design, such as implementation, input parameters, and the status display.This programmable power source is mainly used for electric meter calibrator signal output, as a transformation of laboratory equipment, ancillary equipment, it was designed to achieve all the features of the original equipment, and in follow-up function also has the corresponding expansion of the research.
Keywords/Search Tags:DDS, FPGA, Hardware Description Language, Closed-Loop Control, Power Amplification
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