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Design And Implement For ZigBee Wireless Network Of Smart Home System

Posted on:2011-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2178330338482812Subject:Computer software and theory
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Wireless sensor network is a new technology field,it combined with the Internet and connect objects together through the RFID,infrared sensors,global positioning system and laser scanner, realized intelligent identification and management.Smart home system is an specific application of the wireless sensor network,which connect the family equipment controller and security sensors with the family network that is useful for effectively control and information exchange,realize the family equipment remote control through connect the smart home system with Internet and mobile phone terminal system. Therefore, the choice of home wireless networking solutions will affect the performance of the smart home system.At present,all kinds of the wireless communication applied commonly,but those technology have its own advantages and disadvantages.Bluetooth once attracted many manufacturer who had engaged in industrial contro,household automatic control and toys filed. But it can not met the wirless increasing demand of the industrial automation and household automatic.Therefore,the ZigBee techonology based on industrial automation and tuomatic control of household finally published through long-term efforts.ZigBee technology is a kind of close, low complexity, low power consumption, low data rate, low cost and the two-way wireless communications technology , ZigBee agreement based on 802.15.4 IEEE standard technology, using IEEE 802.15.4 as its physical and media access layer, ZigBee alliance established the network layer and application framework layer.This issue chooses ZigBee wireless communication as the famil's internal network.Add the wireless network module to the existing structure of the Smart Home system,connect sensors amd family equipment with ZigBee controller node,through ZigBee wireless network implement sensors and controller hash put in the family without wiring.easily realize the remote control of the famili'equipment.The ZigBee wireless network is completed which is a module of Smart Home system.Beside simplely describes the terminal software system of the Smart Home, this issue mainly studies the application of the ZigBee technology in the Smart Home, Including design the arrangement network and workflow of the main node, design the netting and workflow of the terminal node and the hardware of the contrrol node.Through the test in the laboratory and the Smart Home,it proved the system is feasibility in the application of family network.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart Home, Home electronic equipment, Sensor, ZigBee
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