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Design And Implementation Of Smart Home Security System Based On ZigBee Technology

Posted on:2016-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the society and the economic, the life style of people is becoming more and more diversified, and we start to pursue intelligent life environment. To satisfy the need of people, smart home security system is produced, which mainly includes the computer technology, wireless sensor network technology and single-chip microcomputer automatic control technology, etc, providing more convenient living environment for people's life.Therefore, people do not worry about the situation in home when they are not stay at home and when they go back to home. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a smart home security system which can satisfy the needs of the masses.In order to study and design an embedded intelligent wireless home security alarm system networking, we use the technology of measurement and controlling, information processing and wireless communication technology comprehensively for the system in the thesis. Taking modern family security as the object of study, we design the seven subsystems, including security monitoring, gas leakage monitoring, power monitoring, leakage monitoring, solenoid valve control, ventilation and sound and light SMS alarm subsystem. Integrated design Information acquisition subsystem, intelligent control equipment, and data information transmission equipment are designed and integrated. We implement the function of collection,transmission, management, controlling and alarming and so on. In the system, the ZigBee module is used to carry out the wireless network and realize the wireless connection between the subsystems. Each subsystem can be operated independently and is not affected by other subsystems. Information can be shared through wireless transmission. Cutting, anti- interference ability and stability are relatively high, thus can effectively avoid the situation, which is resulted from the failure of the central system leaded to the paralysis of the whole situation. Therefore,the object of maintaining safe home environment is achieved. The main contents of the thesis are as follows.Firstly, according to the characteristics of the smart home environment, we analyze the system thoroughly, and select the network topology according to the actual situation. Then the overall architecture of the system is designed and the hardware model of the system is constructed.Secondly, we design the each terminal nodes of the system and accomplish the construction and the environment configuration of the modules in the hardware design. In the design of software, the function of each module is realized. In this thesis, the circuit board is welded after the designing, and a diagram of detailed circuit is given in each module design, which cangreatly reduce the cost and achieve very good function of the system.Finally, the ZigBee nodes and STC51 Single-Chip Microcomputer have been programming that it has been burned to the corresponding chip and tested after compiled successfully. When testing the system, we follow the basic processing of the software testing, and then carry on the whole test on the system, and finally test the abnormal situation of each module of the system.The results show that the system has good stability and reliability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart Home, Wireless Sensor Network, ZigBee, STC51
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