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Design And Realization Of ZigBee-based Smart Home System

Posted on:2012-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330371950809Subject:Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Along with the development of the science, information and network technologies, people have an increasing demand for their family life's networking, intellectualization and digitalization. The home intellectualization becomes a hot research topic by bringing people a comfortable, convenient, green fashion life.In this thesis, the application environment is smart home system by using ZigBee wireless network technology to build a family automation network. With the purpose of developing the smart home industry, the smart home system solutions are studied in deeply. The main contents include the following:1,Give a brief introduction of the concept of smart home system, the present situation of development, the core design idea and smart home architecture. Moreover, ZigBee wireless communication technology is described in this thesis.2,Based on Zigbee technology and with home gateway as the core, the scheme of smart home system is proposed, along with the functions and the structure of home gateway, digital visualization system, security alarm system, network appliance systems and home control system.3,The design of ZigBee wireless control network of smart home system is studied. Based on the practical cases, deep development and research are made in the network formation of ZigBee node, including the processes of joining the network and authentication, the information routing process, cluster binding and disbanding.4,The specific implementation of smart home system is designed with home gateway as the core of the system, using ZigBee wireless technology to connect the low-speed control devices, to realize the interconnection and to centralize control and service for low-speed devices. Meanwhile, through the high-speed network interface with the media center or broadband download centers and residential service system, the home gateway can realize data sharing and linkage control and use telnet to achieve access and to control the home devices. 5,Smart home system is just the smallest unit of "digital earth", and the "global village" requires to be based on more powerful Smart City as well as intelligent community. So based on the digital home platform, it is necessary to use grid computing technology to build grid-based digital community management and service platform as an extension of the subject program, and to form public service system and technical support system which integrate with the digital home, intelligent community and digital community public.
Keywords/Search Tags:Digital Home, Smart Home, ZigBee, Home Gateway, Security System, Media Center, Remote Access, Centralized control
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