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The Study And The Design Of The Smart Home Network Based On The Power Line Communication Technology

Posted on:2007-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360212458862Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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Smart home network is another high-tech product of information age.With the help of network and communication technology,various kinds of electrical appliances in the family are connected together and can communicate with each other,so these appliances can be operated automatically according to different state of them without participation of people.It can offer the high-efficient,convenient,comfortable and safe living environment for people.At the same time,it also can offer the mutual function of omni-directional information,help the family to keep fluent exchange of information from outside and optimize people's life style. Smart home network is the system that connect all kinds of electric appliance with the electronic system through the certain transmission medium in the family ,realize sharing resource and communication based on the same communication agreement inside,and exchange information through the gateway with the outside network.Smart home network is divided into two parts , home information network and home control network . This subject is based on the power line communication technology ,research and develop the smart home control network system.It is decisive that choose the appropriate communication medium ,because the realization of home network request economy and usability. It is advantaged that any electric appliance need power supply through the power line .But the power line channel has various kinds of disadvantages for data communication such as heavy attenuation ,low impedance ,heavy interferences and time changing character .The environment of power line communication is extremely abominable .It can't guarantee the security and quality of transmission . As to this kind of situation ,this design has selected the advantaged spread spectrum modulation & demodulation chip and high performance low price microprocessor ,to design carrier communication module and the home gateway . At this time ,according to CEBus agreement and wireless 802.11 agreement ,this subject proposed one kind of communication agreement suit for line communication ,solved most of problem in power line carrier communication.The research work can be divided into five parts as follow:The first part is introduced the overall frame that use power line as basic transmission medium , use multistage distributional network pattern , to construct the main line type family network system . The content mainly include the physical...
Keywords/Search Tags:Smart home network, Power line communication, Home gateway, Spread spectrum communication
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