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Development Of Train Communication Network Based On ARCNET

Posted on:2010-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F ZuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275973541Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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As one of the key technologies of modern high-speed trains,the application of train communication network is a necessary measure to guarantee the efficiency and security of train control and comfort of passengers.As an important component of high-speed train control system,the requests of real-time property,reliability and security on train communication network is very high.And this is also the key and the most difficult point of the application of train communication network.The ARCNET bus initially used for office automation is a kind of optimal token bus.Integrating network and control,it provides with all the services of physical and data link layers of ISO/OSI model.The ARCNET has such advantages as heavy network traffic,quick transmission rate,supporting long-haul transmission,simple operation of network nodes,excellent real-time property and expandability and so on. In addition,each node has the same opportunity to send information so that collision detection by CSMA or CSMA/CD can be avoided,high efficiency and reliable data transmission will still be kept when the network is busy.It is the above advantages that make the ARCNET an ideal industry field bus and successfully applied on high speed trains of Japanese Shinkansen E2-1000 Series.At the moment,the introduction, absorption and application of ARCNET at home is not mutual yet.This thesis is supported by the subject of the ARENET train communication network developed by our university for Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute.The subject is responsible for the further digestion and absorption of relative technologies with the expectation to apply it on Chongqing Light Railway and provides effective technical support for the future nationalization of the ARENET communication network.The thesis analyses the characteristics of ARCNET Protocol and data transmission mechanism first and then introduces the design of single nodes of two specifications from hardware construction and software realization according to the structure and control requirements of Chongqing's LRV and 10 nodes are constructed as a network successfully.Through a large amount of experiments,the network function is verified correctly,the data transmission on bus is observed directly, network parameters that meet the control requirements of Chongqing's LRV are determined and helpful Man Machine system is provided as the network monitoring system.The network as a whole has completed the stage of design and experiment in the laboratory.The thesis discusses the spot implication of ARCNET in the future.The subject also makes some contributions to accelerate the development and ownership of independent intellectual property of ARCNET control network.
Keywords/Search Tags:Train Communication Network, ARCNET, Token Bus, Network Construction
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