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Mechanism And Policy Research: Fostering High-tech Enterprises In Jilin Province

Posted on:2012-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Mechanism and Policy Research: Fostering High-tech Enterprises in Jilin ProvinceHi-tech enterprises is the subject to achieve high-tech industrialization, an active force to promote the development of regional economy. Jilin Province is one of the seats of Northeast traditional industry base, and have made outstanding contribution to the greatness of China. However, Jilin Province becomes an undeveloped region gradually, being in a relatively backward level, in the face of ongoing market economy, overwhelming innovation storm and rapid technological development. In spite of a sound industrial foundation and various technological resources (e.g. all kinds of hi-tech talents, universities and scientific research institutions, scientific and technological achievements), a high level of innovation and entrepreneurship does not happen in Jilin Province. In other words, technological resources is only a necessarycondition for hi-tech entrepreneurship and growth rather than a sufficient one. Actually, "system outweighs technology". Accordingly, a reasonable, systematical mechanism and policy framework is essential to foster hi-tech enterprises in Jilin Province. In short, the paper is divided into six chapters to discuss this problem.The first chapter is an introduction. Firstly, it explains the background of the paper from three perspectives, including the competitiveness of hi-tech fields, the status of national strategies for high-tech industry, the regional role of hi-tech enterprises. At the same time, it argues the significant of this paper from the theoretical level and the reality level. Secondly, it proposes the research context and methodologies. The paper adopts the approaches of literature review, questionnaire survey and in-depth interview. Lastly, it identifies the creative points and limitations.The second chapter is the literature review. First of all, this chapter describes the constitution and mechanism of hi-tech business environment. Second, it overviews the evolution process on mechanism and policy to foster hi-tech enterprises at home and abroad, and outlines the existing patterns and their experience in terms of fostering high-tech enterprises. Then, it illustrates the topic of fostering hi-tech enterprises in less developed regions. Last but not least, it explores the relationship among business environment, mechanism and policy of fostering hi-tech enterprises. Based on the discussions above, a framework of fostering hi-tech enterprises is formed.The third chapter is the description of present situation of hi-tech enterprises and the review of mechanism and policy of fostering hi-tech enterprises in Jilin Province. In case of Jilin Province, it analyses the mechanism and policy on the base of framework proposed in Chapter 2.The fourth chapter is the survey on mechanism and policy for fostering hi-tech enterprises in Jilin Province. It analyses the problems of fostering hi-tech enterprises in Jilin Province from financing mechanism, fiscal policy, technology policy (mechanism), personnel policy (mechanism), business incubation policy (mechanism), in order to find out the extent of perfectness and implementation of these policies (mechanisms) , and the demand for them with the method of questionnaire survey and in-depth interview.The fifth chapter is to put forward with the suggestions for improvement of fostering hi-tech enterprises in Jilin Province. On the base of survey in Chapter 4, this chapter points out the weakness of mechanism and policy for fostering hi-tech enterprises in Jilin Province. Accordingly, it underlines that it is essential to build up the mechanism of venture capital investment and improve financing system, to promote the collaboration between university and industry, to strength the innovation networks, to develop business incubators specialized in certain technologies, to foster characteristic enterprise clusters with high technologies, to perfect policy support system for entrepreneurship, to optimize the business environment.The sixth chapter is conclusions. Through the literature review on mechanism and policy for fostering hi-tech enterprises and the analysis of Jilin Province, it can draw conclusions as follows: Firstly, the essence of fostering hi-tech enterprises is to perfect the business environment. Secondly, the development of hi-tech enterprises, to some extent, depends on an appropriate, effective institutional framework, namely, "system outweighs technology", especially in less developed regions. Thirdly, hi-tech enterprises fostering is a complicated project, it can be divided into two levels, mechanism and policy. Fourthly, the statistical results of the questionnaire show that the high-tech enterprises in Jilin Province have their own needs of mechanisms and policies. However, there are deficiencies pertaining to mechanisms and policies in terms of perfectness and implementation, and there is a gap between the current situation and the real demand of high-tech enterprises. Correspondingly, it could be corrected by a series of measures.
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