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Study On Jilin Province Government Support Policies To High-Tech Enterprise Incubator

Posted on:2019-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330593450431Subject:Public Administration
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High-tech enterprise incubators are intergrating the resources of regional manpower,space,policy,science and technology and captital,as wellas the booster to promote the formation of regional innovation system.Giving full play to the supporting role of the government and its related functional departments on the science and technology industry is of great importance to the establishment and development of the incubator for scientific and technological enterprises.The operation of technology business incubator can not be separated from five elements,namely the preferential policies of hatchery enterprises,managers,shared services,shared spaces and supporting incubators.From global perspective,any countries technology business incubator has the support of government preferential policies,and for the development stage of Chinese technology business incubators,policy resource support is more important.At present,domestic and foreign scholars have made some analysis and research on the influence of government support policy on high-tech enterprise incubators,but the result of policy impact is obvious.We should clarify the development and growth process of technology business incubators,study the mechanism of supporting policy and technology business incubators,and explore the relationship between supporting policies and the development of high-tech enterprise incubators,so as to provide theoretical basis for the government to introduce reasonable supporting policies.With the science and technology business incubators support policies of Jilin Province as an example,combined with the role of government related implications of the development of domestic and foreign developed area of science and technology business incubators development experience and business incubators as the theoretical basis.Through a field visit to a number of scientific and technological business incubators in Jilin Province,and interviews with the leaders of the business incubators,to understand the operation of the incubator,the preferential policies that can be enjoyed and the effect of the implementation of the policy.Analyszing reasons of Jilin Province support policies caused by single structure,lack of system,the lack of policy enforcement measures,it is difficult to achieve the effect of policy,the fundamental lack of continuity and innovation based on new public service theory and the economic environment in Jilin Province and of reason.At the same time,in the policy framework,the policy effect in the development process of high-tech enterprise incubators is evaluated.For the less developed areas of science and technology enterprise incubators support policy problems,put forward to make use of social forces,develop small business incubators association,perfect policies,improve the policy support system to formulate supporting policies,accelerate the construction of technological innovation system and policy suggestions,in order to promote the construction and development of high-tech enterprise incubators in developed areas.
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