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Reserch On The Optimization Of Government Functions For Promoting The Development Of Hi-tech Industry In Jilin Province

Posted on:2016-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At this stage, In the context of the world economic recovery is slow, the level of development of science and technology innovation as the driving force of the high-tech industry has become an important symbol of the level of economic development in the region. In China, to accelerate the development of high-tech industry has become an important new round of strategic adjustment of economic structure. With the deepening global economic integration, we observe the world countries and regions, they are not difficult to find high-tech industry development are all accompanied by government involvement, the government through policy development, financial support and services, innovative high-tech companies plays and important role in the development process, to some extent, can be said that the government’s actions determine the extent of the development of high-tech industries. In the accelerated development of China’s high-tech industry, how to define the role of government science, and give full play to the role of government has become an important topic of the current academic circles, as well as for the promotion of a new round of strategic economic restructuring has a positive theory and practical significance.In recent years, high-tech Industrial Development Zone in Jilin Province has also been vigorous development, in order to develop high-tech industry in Jilin Province, the local government encouraged the founder of high-tech enterprises, developing high-tech products. Although the high-tech enterprises in Jilin Province in good overall economic performance, but also showed a smaller overall size of the economy, enterprise innovation ability is not strong enough. This article is based on the current situation and lack of high-tech industrial development in Jilin Province delve into the role of high-tech industrial development in Jilin Province government intervention and problems, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures proposed local government should play in the high-tech technology industry in the development of a dominant position, optimize organizational coordination and strategic planning functions; establish and improve the talent award and technology development incentives; strengthening the high-tech industry service system; a sound market economy system, improve the policy environment, improve the policy environment for the development of high-tech industries and improve the high-tech industry development of the market economy, promote the steady development of high-tech industry in Jilin Province.
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