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Port Enterprises Multidimensional Statistical Model Based On Flexible Statistical System

Posted on:2012-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189330335951235Subject:Management Science
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The Port Enterprise is one of the important logistics businesses, plays an important role in the national economy. The construction of the port business information systems plays an important role in optimizing business workflow and increasing operational efficiency. Statistics work of port enterprises and related data analysis work provide data support for the optimization of business processes and improvement operational efficiency.This paper, taking the construction of Guangzhou Port Group Business Management System as the background, analyzed and summarized the statistical work of the port companies at present, and prospected the development trend of statistics and data analysis in the future, and proposed the structure of the multi-dimensional statistical model.This paper analyzed the current situation, functional structure and business process of the statistical work in port enterprises in China, pointed out the limitations of existing statistical models, suggested that the statistical work should be toward the direction of refinement. For the needs refinement of statistical work, the author suggests to build the multi-dimensional statistical model which built on the base of flexible statistical system. Multi-dimensional statistical model is such kind of model that, in the structure of the system, integrated multiple data sources, and in functions, it can meet the users' comprehensive statistical needs. The aim is to provide a variety of statistical information for all-round production and operation activities.In the building of multi-dimensional statistical model, data preprocessing and system flexibility are the two key issues. This paper studied the data cleaning issues of single data sources and multiple data sources and built the data cleaning framework both for single data sources and multiple data sources. For the system flexibility issue, the author built the flexible statistical system based on the semantic report. The flexible statistical system was divided into control platform and form making platform. The former met the needs of quick built and easily expansion, the latter meets the diverse, uncertain statistical analysis and data analysis needs.
Keywords/Search Tags:Port Enterprise, Multi-dimensional Statistical Model, Data cleansing, Flexible Statistical System, Data Integration
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