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Predicament Research Of Local Governments' Cooperation Unfer Regional Economic Integrattion

Posted on:2012-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189330338957521Subject:Administrative Management
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Cooperation between local governments is the main way to promotedevelopment of regional economy integration. Through their cooperation .It cancreate the regional overall competition resultant and innovation .And each localgovernment all could enjoy one piece of cake in partnership with the overallinterests , thus better to make regional economy healthily , orderly and sustainablydevelop . What the above mentions is the aim of the local governments'cooperation . Market and plans as two ways of resource allocation both may causetwo phenomenon"market failure and government failure". And through seeingthe actual development of regional economy integration in the Yangtze river deltaarea ,the pearl river delta area and the Bohai wan , local governments'cooperationoften just lacks of forming overall competition resultant and innovation . Clustergovernance through a series of internal and external governance mechanismfunction , can guarantee cluster members will not use mutual informationasymmetry and incomplete contract relationship and take the opportunism behaviorto violate cluster trading rules ,in pursuit of the interests of the whole clusterdevelopment ,the interests of all members can also be fair and reasonable ,whichcan ensure the embodiment of the whole competitive force of cluster developmentwith innovation , and these advantages are missing for cooperation between localgovernments .How to reference to some good practices of the cluster governance for clusterdevelopment to improve the cooperation between the local governments and makecooperation of local governments form whole competitive force andinnovation ,better to promote regional economy to develop healthily , orderly andsustainably , the author puts forwards the topic"research of local governments'cooperation dilemma under the regional economy integration based on cluster governance theory analysis", and hope to do a little contribution to thecooperation between local governments and the development of regional economyintegration .
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional economy integration, Local governments, Cluster governance, Local interests, Rational economicman
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