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From Competition To Cooperation-The Path Selection Among China's Local Governments

Posted on:2009-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360245995814Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the 1990s, China's intra-regional economic ties have become increasingly close, the scope for regional cooperation and gradually expand the field. Regional economic integration conform to economic globalization and China's accession to the WTO's internal trends, in line with establishing and improving the socialist market reunification of the fundamental requirements of the region, the national economy and even accelerated economic development and growth of the urgent need.In the process of regional economic development, because local governments as rational "economic", the pursuit of the interests of the region as the maximization of policy formulation and strategy of development chosen by the fundamental starting point and end-result, one-sided emphasis on the individual rational and irrational collective neglect, At the same time due to the lack of relevant supporting the supply system, resulting in various subjects of interests between light and heavy competition in the undesirable phenomena of cooperation. This requires regional local governments based on the concept of mutual benefit and win-win, go with the trend of regional economic development, targeted communication to be the main stakeholders in a reasonable guide, and actively carry out regional inter-governmental cooperation. In the region between regions, although belong to different administrative regions, but because similar geographic, economic Integration, the same culture, there is a wide range of common interests in the region should be under the guidance of the Government's policy through close cooperation, continued integration of the regional advantages, and improve long-term interaction mechanism to achieve mutual win-win situation. Therefore, the construction of regional inter-governmental cooperation mechanisms through complementary advantages, the sharing of resources and enhanced cooperation between local governments, to improve regional competitiveness and the country's economic development in China and enhance the international competitiveness of the world is of great strategic importance.This paper is divided into six parts: PartⅠ: Introduction. In the part of the first point of this study and significance of topics, as well as on the ideas and methods; PartⅡ: basic concepts defined. On the regional economy, competition between local governments and related concepts such as cooperation between local governments to define and grasp the current status of research and theoretical developments in the latter part of the proof provided theoretical background and support of the third part; PartⅢ: My competition between local governments outlined. China on the issue of competition between local governments origin, status of interest from the perspective of the causes of the problem. Game explained by the interests of local governments is the economic win-win co-operation basis. Local governments to obtain cooperation from the competition to the inevitability of conclusions. PartⅣ: cooperation between local governments in China studies. Local governments at home and abroad on the issue of cooperation between the start of the study, through interpretation of the history of cooperation between the local government process, and the development status quo, and restricting the reasons for the cooperation between local governments to analyze.PartⅤ: regional integration process, the relationship between local government innovation. Construction on science through regional mechanisms for cooperation between local governments should follow the basic principles of local government to build regional cooperation mechanism between the measures and proposals. PartⅥ: Concluding remarks.
Keywords/Search Tags:regional economic integration, local governments, competition, cooperation
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