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A Study On The Economic Openness Degree Of Shanxi And Its Influnce On The Economic Growth

Posted on:2007-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360275957693Subject:Political economy
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There are two opposite opinions about the relationship between the economic opening and the economic growth.The one thinks that the economic opening is"the engine of economic growth"and Implements actively the foreign economy for accelerating the economic growth,however,the other regards the economic openning as"the maid of the economic growth"because it doesn't make much significance to the economic growth,the impetus of economic growth lies in domestic market. During China's reform and opening the economy has obtained the achievement which attracts worldwide attention,but till now it is a hot dispute about the economic openness and its economic sence and the orientation of the foreign policy.It is necessary to unify our actual situation with the foreign economy when judge is made.As a typical resource-oriented inland province, how about the economic openning degree of Shanxi?what does the economic openning play on the economic development? What the foreign economic policy should be taken to promote the adjustment and transition of its economic machinery? These realistic questions are urgently needed to be sovled.This article tries to settle these questions by raveling the economic openness degree of Shanxi and its economic effect.That would provide a preference for us carrying out proper foreign policy.This dissertation are divided into five parts.The writing significance and research means are narrated in the first part;The methods of measuring economic openness and theory about the openness and economic growth are summarized in next part;In the third part the overall opening degree of Shanxi is measured through three kinds of appra target:the trade openness degree,the foreign funds dependence degree and the market openness degree.The problems existing are analyzed in this part also. The demonstration reviews are used to explain the influence of the economic openning on the economic growth of Shanxi.At the end of this paper a summary is given with the foreign economic policies according to above analysis.From the analysis this essay thinks that the overall opening degree of Shanxi is low as a result of historical and the realistic influence. Of all the opening aspects related, the contribution of the trade to the economy growth is not very remarkable but the utilization of foreign capitals promotes the Shanxi economy prominently. the serious price distortion----the low market opening degree hinders the Shanxi economic development.According to above regression analysis,combined the opening theory with the resource- oriented economic characteristic of Shanxi,this dissertation advances that we should not expand foreign trade blindly and simply,but pay more attention to optimize the structure of trade products accoding to Shanxi reality,reduce foreign loan , increase FDI and emphasize on useage efficiency of funds,open the domestic market,establish the syestem of market performing price,promote the proper flow of the resources.
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