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The Key Technical Parameters Of Water Disaster Prevention And Control To Lower-group Coal Mining And Dangerous Forecast Of Water Inrush In Yanzhou Coal Mine Area

Posted on:2009-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2191360272961007Subject:Mineral prospecting and exploration
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Based on the hydrogeological data and some lower-group coal mined data of working face from Yanzhou coal mine area, this paper analyses and studies the key technical parameters of lower-group coal mine in Yanzhou coal mine area, including water pressure, aquifuge thickness, water-resisting capability of floor, depth of destroyed floor and so on. This paper makes use of multiple linear regression method to recalculate the experiential formula of depth of destroyed floor and educes new experiential formula which tallies with the field measured data in the research area. Furthermore, this paper has a numerical simulation with depth of destroyed floor in using RFPA which tallies with the field measured data in the research area too. This paper has a statistics analysis with the water inrush coefficient from the mined lower-group coal mining working face and puts forward the limit of the water inrush coefficient in Yanzhou coal mine area. Based on non- dimension multiple sources information coincidence method, this paper have forecast and estimation on the lower-group coal mining water inrush danger in Yanzhou coal mine area. This paper also obtains the importance sequence of influencing factors about lower coal group mine water-inrush danger. It is: water pressure> aquifuge thickness> structural complexity > water abundance. Based on the Down Three Zone theory, this paper estimates the water inrush danger with the Water Inrush Coefficient,Fuzzy Cluster and so on in Yanzhou coal mine area, meanwhile, this paper develops its relevant software.
Keywords/Search Tags:key technical parameters, depth of destroyed floor, numerical simulation, water inrush coefficient, fuzzy cluster, dangerous forecast of water inrush
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