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Research On The Role Of Congress Representatives Under The Permanent System Of The Township Congress Of Cpc

Posted on:2011-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2196330332479090Subject:Foreign Marxism
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"Democracy is the life of the party." For such a large country with seven million members under the Chinese Communist Party, the development of inner-party democracy must rely more on party representation, that is, elected by the members of the party congresses elected by party members at all levels exercise the power of Congress. Therefore, the sound of the party's congress system is the key to improving inner Party democracy. Representative of the way through the party members to fully protect the power system, Congress should build a true sense of the party's highest authority, decision-making and oversight authority.Sixteen reported that the party should protect the democratic rights of Party members as the base, improve the party's congress system and the party's committee system as the focus, establish a sound Democratic Party system fully reflecting the will of party members and the Democratic Party from reforming the institutional mechanism. Expand the city and county party congress permanent system of the pilot. Actively explore the ways and forms for the inter-party congress representatives to play a role. National Party Congress has the "top priority" status in reforming and improving the construction of the democratic system, the implementation of CPC Standing is to achieve an important carrier of inner-party democracy and effective way to provide permanent system for the development of inner-party democracy, the establishment of inner-party democracy as the core of the party congress permanent system, is to improve and perfect the democratic system and achieve the party's leadership and governance of the breakthroughs in advancing the construction of inner-Party democracy and strengthen the ruling party and so is of great practical and historical significance. National Party Congress reforms further improve the system, help to optimize decision-making, enhance democracy, improve the supervision and protection of rights of party members. It mobilized the party involved in the enthusiasm of party affairs and played a party congress as the party's top leadership bodies, and improve the party making the scientific and democratic. By strengthening inner-party supervision, strengthening the party's ideology and style, and enhance the party's cohesion. Permanent system is helpful for promoting democracy within the party's break with the institutional, from the practice of the people to further promote the development of democracy in the new period to strengthen inner-party democracy-building experience.In order to further improve the Party congress system, play the role of party fully during the intersessional period, Danjiangkou seriously implement the Sixteenth Party Congress, seventh Congress, and actively promote the rural National Party Congress. This practice of Danjiangkou City, Town, an example Liu Liping, Liu Liping town focuses on strengthening the party congress ranks in the process of exploring the work of the National Party Congress in town, with its 7 years of practical experience and field trial experience. Improve and refine the production methods Party to ensure the party's reasonable structure and strong ability and quality of political participation, the party can really play its role; clear the rights and responsibilities of the Congress representatives, The right of Congress to exercise, but also representatives of the General Assembly play the role fully not only in the party but also in the intersessional period, so the Congress representatives should be provided the platform and security which is helpful for exercising and performing their duties for the party. Congress representatives is the main body of the party's term of office under he party system to play a good positive role in strengthening democratic supervision, promote grassroots democracy within the party, and close the relations between the party cadre, Congress has made a positive results in improving the functioning of the Congress. Meanwhile, the implementation of the National Party Congress is also facing some deep rooted problems and constraints. National Party Congress should expand the scope of the pilot and improve the levels gradually, it must improve upper aspects of the concept of a number of deficiencies in theory and system, and give the National Party Congress with greater vitality. In this paper the author also made some shallow suggestions, the first is to improve the mechanism of party elections; the second is to establish a suitable party security mechanism with the tenure system; the last is to improve Danjiangkou modal which include a sound supervision and evaluation mechanisms of the Congress representatives' playing a role under the permanent system.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Inner-party Democracy, the Nationnal Party Congress, the Permanent System, the role of Congress representatives, Liuliping Town
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