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The Legal Guarding And Controlling Of The Credit Risk Of Our State-owned Commercial Banks

Posted on:2008-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y G RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215465064Subject:Economic Law
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With the economic globalization developing more and more quickly, the degree of our country commercial banks opening to the outside world reinforces further. Competing to fore(?)gn capital commercial bank, the state-owned commercial bank of our country credit risk administration is confronted with more and more big pressure. Law thinking and method is playing more vital role in credit risk administration. Both the new capital accord and the core principle of the effective banking supervision released by the Basel committee have brought forward higher request to commercial bank credit risk administration. This thesis explores impacts caused by the credit regulations and given some legal suggestions to perfect our commercial banking inner control.The first chapter introduces the credit and theory of credit risk. It discusses the current situation of our state-owned commercial bank, and then analyzes the reasons of the disadvantageous result of the state-owned commercial bank, from the outside environmental effect and inside system setting up. Further introduces the theory and practice of credit risk administration in international banking circle, useful advices are given to better our state-owned commercial bank credit risk administration.The second chapter discusses the significance of law thought and method to our state-owned country commercial bank credit risk administration. Significance is significant from technological process administration, The law thought and method plays important role in the key process, from legal risk administration to manage of the structure of corporate to processing manage of credit risk administration.The third chapter, from the law angle, inspects the key link in commercial bank credit system and brings forward some suggestions on impaction of it. They mainly include the approval of credit; examination system of credit assets with long effect and the constitution of the credit organization.
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