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Study Of The Sme Credit Guarantee Institutions

Posted on:2008-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2199360248452665Subject:Business Administration
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The actual development of the world economy that,although large enterprises are the backbone of the national economy,small and medium enterprises in the country play an increasingly important role.The 20th century the 1960s and 1970s,the small and medium enterprises in expanding employment and increase income,promote social stability,the role has been more and more world attention.Due to the weak strength of SMEs in their own funds,operational risks,insufficient collateral,the lack of good credit records and the transparency of information,SMEs with financing difficulties have become a global problem,the performance of SMEs is difficult to obtain sufficient credit market from the indirect financing.To solve this problem,many countries have implemented a credit guarantee system for small and medium enterprises in order to provide adequate credit support,it is important to resolve financial risks means.Practice shows that the credit guarantee institutions to join,indeed to a certain extent,ease the problem of financing SMEs.At present, China's credit guarantee institutions bear a huge risk of loss of security, and operational efficiency generally not high,far from being able to meet the financing needs of SMEs.This paper against credit guarantee institutions in-depth study of existing problems,the security agencies solve the above problem raised some solutions,in order to promote credit guarantee institutions in sustainable development.This paper introduced in the United States,Japan and China's existing SME credit guarantee institutions on the basis of the mode of operation of the security agencies above the existing mode of operation for a similar point and the point of difference comparative analysis of SME credit guarantee institutions that the existing problems.SME credit guarantee institutions operating in high-risk business,how to discover and control risk is the survival of the party.This paper from credit guarantee institutions risk control and management under asymmetric information on SME credit guarantee institutions for the effective running theoretical analysis.Summed up security agencies existing problems."Widen the fund channels,the establishment of a risk management system,the rich variety and the establishment of business incentive and restraint mechanisms" solutions,and explore a future worthy of further research directions.
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