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Mobile Payment Technology Adoption Influencing Factors

Posted on:2009-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F R TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2199360275484002Subject:Business Administration
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As a new means of payment in the 21st century, Mobile payment business, whether at home or abroad, have huge market potential and broad market prospects.In the global market , some mainstream operators have cornmitted to pushing forward the development to mobile payment business.In the home market, despite the prelude to the development of mobile payment has just opened, the mobile payment develop slowly for many reasons.Businesses find that when they face to the huge number of potential lusers, if they have an in-depth understanding of the users'psychological needs, foster new consumption habits of users,and improve customers's tickiness to the brands;they can win in the competition. As a result, how to improve the usage intention of mobile payment becomes the main problem we resolve in the researeh.The thesis bases on users'views to Probe into users'adoption intentions of mobile payment and the factors which influence consumers'intentions.After reading and summnarizing a number of relevant literature, the author select network extemality, Perceived risk,Perceived usefulness,Pereeived ease of use, the use of cost and attitude ete. eight factors to construct usage intention research model which bases on technology acceptance model(TAM) and investigations from users'usage experienee.The author also brings vital statistics variable as a control factor into research model to get further empirical analysis.Through data analysis and statistic discussion from valid questionnaires,the thesis came up with main conclusions as follows:Firstly,the external factors influence usage intention including attitude,trust,network externality and perceived risk .Among these factors, the most direct and significant one is attitude.There is not significant correlation between trust and usage intention.There is no obvious correlation between perceived risk, the use of cost and intention.Secondly,the two factors, perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness had positive significant influence on attitude. There is no obvious correlation between perceived risk and perceived usefulness. The relationship between the perceived risk and perceived usefulness did not exist. The cost to use has a tiny influence to attitude.Perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness related to each other.Thirdly,influenced actively by the two factors of perceived ease of use and network externality,users'perceived usefulness became more positive. Perceived ease of use, network externality and perceived usefulness of the relationship between the impact was positive.Meanwhile,perceived risk has a tiny influence on perceived usefulness.Fourthly, the more positive network externality,the higher ease of use users would perceive.Fifthly, demographic variable function differently in the dimension of factors that affect consumers'adoption intention of mobile payment..Lastly,based on the empirical analysis of usageintention, this thesis puts forth severa l proposals for promoting and spreading mobile payment business.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile payment, Technology Acceptance Model, Trust, Perceived risk, Network extemality
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