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User Acceptance Of Mobile Payment Behavior Factors

Posted on:2015-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X GuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330428457655Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Mobile payment is a payment method that consumers use mobile devices to pay forgoods or services. With the development of internet and mobile communication technology,as well as the rapid spread of mobile devices, mobile internet economy booms gradually.As a key link in commerce, mobile payment has been received wide attention fromconsumers and business organizations. However, compared with Japan, Korea, Europe andsome other countries, mobile payment as a relatively new technology and business inChina has not been widely accepted by the public, despite its large user base. Researchingon influence factors of mobile payment acceptance behavior will not only provide avaluable reference for commercial organizations, but also promote forward the mobilepayment industry and mobile internet economy.Based on extensive literatures reading, this paper select model of the Unified Theoryof Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) as a basis, and combine innovationdiffusion theory, perceived risk theory to the model, redefine valuables according to thecharacteristics of mobile payment. Then, the factor of performance expectancy, effortexpectancy, perceived risk, personal innovation, social influence, facilitating condition andbehavior intention are discussed in the paper to learn user acceptance behavior of mobilepayment. At the same time, the difference on valuables in different gender, age andeducational level are analyzed in the paper. In addition, from the perspective of innovationdiffusion, adopters are divided into early adopters and late adopters in this paper accordingto the actual development of mobile payment in China, and the difference on valuables indifferent adopter groups are also discussed in the paper.This study adopts the method of questionnaire to collect data, and then analyzes datawith SPSS16.0and AMOS21.0software. Analysis includes descriptive statistics analysis,reliability and validity analysis, and verifying the path of structural equation modeling. Thefollowing conclusions are found in this paper.(1) Performance expectancy, effortexpectancy and social influence have a significant positive effect on behavior intention,and perceived risk has a significant negative effect on behavior intention.(2) Behaviorintention to mobile payments predicts actual use behavior well.(3) Different ages issignificantly different in actual use valuable, someone in their thirties has the highest levelof actual use.(4) Different educational level is significantly different in perceived risk,someone who has master degree perceived more risk than others.(5) Early adopters aremore influenced by performance expectancy, effort expectancy, personal innovation, socialinfluence, facilitating condition and behavior intention than late adopters.
Keywords/Search Tags:mobile payment, user acceptance, UTAUT, perceived risk, adoption group
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