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China's Software Industry Development Policy Research

Posted on:2010-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2199360275963014Subject:Government management
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Digital, network and intelligence are the general orientation of the electronics and IT industries, as the core of which, Software industry is and will be repeatedly and tremendously influenced by the global striding development. Software industry is very important to every country; due to it helps advance all industries's product competitiveness, so it is the basic and precursor industry in the national economy, also is the strategic and pillar cornerstone's industry about national core competitive powel.With the development of economy, the share of software industry in our economy is increasing dramatically, and it has become one of the most important industries of our country. Nowadays, the development of Chinese software industry has big gap with someother west developed countries. Especially, when India had big development on its software industry, Chinese software industry seemed to be stagnant. The industry has not found its dominant corporation just up to now. To solve the question drastically, we should find out a rational development approach of software industry. With the government's rational policies, a rational development approach for software industry could then make Chinese software industry develop in a rational and orderly way and its share in world software market would rise gradually. China's software industry has the advantages of government support for the software industry to provide the opportunity for development of the Chinese market for the uniqueness of China's software industry has broad prospects. China's software industry is facing difficulties such as generally small-scale enterprises, research and innovation capability is weak, software and technical personnel shortage, especially high-end software professional, software industry public service system to be perfect. The development of a software industry in the extemal environment of many factors, the government acts as important aspect that should not be overlooked.Each government of our country has paied much attention to the development of software industry, not only have given many preferential policies, but also enacted several laws to support and regularize the development of software industry. However,the research of software industry's economic theory is lagging in our country, many researches just focus on one area or are very superficial, lacking systemic and embedded research. On the contrary, there are many pertinent and systemic researches in software industry abroad, not only research in the economy of scale and so on from the perspective of classical economics, but also in the market structure, firm conduct, and so on from the theory of industrial organization. Based on these literatures, this thesis has researched several main problems from the perspective of network effects which is applied the theory of industrial organization.Based on the careful investigation on the Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone main big and medium-sized enterprises this dissertation will use strategic management,relevant economical theories,analytical method as well as the tools to systematically research Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone big and medium-sized enterprises. this article expounds the industry attributes, the growth potential and the competitive advantage of the Software Industry cluster by the methods of practical analysis, theoretical analysis, example compared analysis as well as chart analysis, and indicates that the Software Industry has played an important role in economic and social development. By summarizing the successful experiences and effective measures in developing the Software Industry in India and domestic cities such as Beijing, Dalian and analyzing domestic and foreign successful cases, this article points the restriction factors and problems which should be solved mainly of the Software Industry development in the city of Hangzhou. To solve the problems, this article suggests that the government in Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone should make measures from the aspects such as talented person, technology, platform and market supporting to support healthy development of the Software Industry, that is: paying attention to train and introduce talented persons, expanding the talented person troop, improving creative ability, breaking through core technologies, enhancing the construction of public service platform including software and hardware facilities, perfecting support function of industry group, holding on big company strategy, mainly supporting the software companies which have core competitive power, developing software market. In conclusion, this article supplies theory references to the government in Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone to make the Software Industry group development strategy.This paper consists of three parts.The first part is introduce the software industry development and the related policy,and then on this basis, analysis the survey of the software industry and the development trends ,the software industry development conditions and the related policy for our country and the others.The second part will analyse our country's current conditions of software industry policy : include the constituted conditions of software industry policy, the implementary conditions of software industry policy, the effects of software industry policy, and the existent problems .The third part propose a series of sound recommendations, on this basis that analysis the survey of the software industry policy in Hangzhou Hi-tech Zone, include the constituted projects and the implementary projects.
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