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Research On The Development Of Software Industry In Dalian, China And Relevant Policy Issues

Posted on:2017-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A new generation of information technology is an important force to guide the future economic and social development. The software industry with strong technical, high added value, clean and other characteristics, has developed into a pillar industry in many countries. Development of strategic emerging information technology industry has become the major strategy of many countries to seize a new round of economic growth point. The software industry has a strong penetration and radiation compared with other industries, provide a strong technical support for other industries, and promote the establishment of an innovation-oriented society. After a long period of support and encouragement, the late-start Dalian City has become a relatively advanced area in the software industry of China. Now the software industry of Dalian City has been self-contained. It’s software parks, personnel training and outsourcing services have become the highlight and the most prominent feature of Dalian software industrial development. As a result, Dalian was dubbed the “National Software Industry Base” and “Model City to Create a International Software Industry” and so on. Dalian will further promote the development of information technology, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and the development of information services industry in Dalian.The rapid development of software industry in dalian, both because of software enterprises development advantage, but also because of the policy support and guide. Policies are analyzed starting from reform and opening up with the special focus on related policies of government departments and roles in the development of software industry in recent 20 years. The paper is divided into five parts. The first part is the introduction, which summarizes the background of this topic, the research significance, the research status quo at home and abroad, research ideas and technical routes, research methods, the main content and innovation, mainly discussing the research status at home and abroad and pointing out the content of the article and significance. The second part is the Dalian industry development status, including the basic theory of software and the important role in the process of he software industry development. The third part is the main policy in the development of software industry in Dalian, a summary for the development of policy goals and implementation, analyzing the reasons of the policy implementation of effective. The fourth part is the policy analysis, including descriptive statistics analysis and analysis of Dalian software industry development policy question of fact. The fifth part is conclusion. Based on the policy documents, this paper studies the policy of Dalian software industry since 1983 from the perspectives of history and regional industrial policy. This paper will analyze the relationship between industrial policy environment and the development of Dalian software industry using the methods of comparative analysis, historical research, literature review and investigation, with the data of Dalian software industry as the research object. And then pertinent recommendations are made for the rapid and long-term development of Dalian software industry. Studies have shown that in today’s world, the debt crisis, inflation, economic slowdown still affect the economic recovery, despite the global economic crisis haze is not scattered, China’s economic development smoothly. Most people are satisfied with the dalian municipal government policy implementation, some policies also need to continue to improve. A lot of problems exist in dalian software industry market management and talent training policy, overall not serious. Encourage the development of new policies and investment and financing problems less appeared in the process of policy implementation, but because of funding problems, the problem is more serious.
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