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Zhangzhou Branch Of Fujian Mobile Marketing Channel Management Study

Posted on:2011-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S M FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2199360308962118Subject:Business Administration
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Markets such as the battlefield. As the telecommunications industry gradual refinement operation, the channel management has entered the telecom operator's attention. A broad, stable and efficient channel system is not only a sword to win the market competition, it is also a key protection to win customer trust and loyalty. Under the guidance of this idea, The Channel system of Zhangzhou, Fujian Mobile Communication Company has been operating from a single Mobile Sales Office to today's own channel, social channels, electronic channels and other channels, forming a fast and efficient channel system.As a manager of Zhangzhou Mobile Communication Company, I participated in and witnessed the changes. Years of work, I also checked into the marketing channel management model, the combination of moving the actual operation of enterprises in Zhangzhou Mobile Communication Company. Therefore, I start studying "The channel management of Zhangzhou Mobile Communication Company" combined with my practical experienceon,The first, the thesis introduces t the basic concept of mobile marketing channel and history; Secondly, the thesis explains the channel management of Zhangzhou Mobile Communication Company at this stage adopted. In this section, the details of "Channel management structure model" is also explained from planning, organizing, leading, controlling four-point; Then, focusing on channel management of the mobile communications company challenges from competitors and the gap between first-class enterprises; Finally, the thesis gives some suggestions of the future management strategy for information and reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marketing channel management, Own channel, Social channel, Electronic channel, Channel management structure, Channel profitability, Channel control, Customer Experience
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