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Qin Funeral System

Posted on:2003-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360062985267Subject:History of Ancient China
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As an important section of culture ,the custom of funeral demonstrates essential features of human mental world. About Qin funeral ,so far relevant researches have focused on burial institution, especially centering on one side. For lack of historical documents, they few discussed funeral institution. This dissertation intends to depart from those researches in terms of both historical documents and recent archaeological data, attempting to address the Qin funeral system.It is well known that Qin culture absorbs part of Zhou culture during its development. Qin-clan's funeral follows roughly Zhou-clan's. So the studies of Qin-clan's funeral in this dissertation refer chiefly to Zhou-clan's funeral in Li Ji( C &iB ^ ) and Yi Li ?$3L }) .The article cites related archaeological material to analyse and verify funeral procedure recorded in Li Ji and Yi Li.Plenty of archaeological discoveries in recent year make up the lack of historical documents of Qin burial. The dissertation discusses the burial system such as cemetery building, cemetery symbol, cemetery earth bump and joint burial. By analysing the relationship between different burial way and national component, the author points out that the extended burial way was applied by Qin-clan nobles, the flexed burial way by Rongren. After researching the development of Qin institution of burying the living with the dead, the dissertation proclaims the backward of Qin society and conserative burial custom. At last, this dissertation analyses Qin underworld idea.
Keywords/Search Tags:Qin-clan, Funeral, Burial, the Extended Burial, the Flexed Burial, Institution of Burying the Living With the Dead, Sacrifice
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