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On The Harmonious Development Of Society And Man's Overall Development

Posted on:2006-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D M SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360155969261Subject:Marxist philosophy
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As for the Marxism that, whose theory of society development and human-development is important also inalienable part in the all ones, the question on human' s full development holds the extremely important status as well as the soul in the Maxims theory system. still in contemporary China, the attention to human' s question has extremely realistically theoretical and practical significance . this article attempts to discuss deeply the theory question about the Chinese characteristic socialism development through re_understanding process to the Marxism society development and human development theory through introducing continuation and development of the Marxism development theory in china and analyzing the dialectical unification development process of society and human in three big forms of society , it emphatically elaborates the dialectical unification relations between society and human , as well as the time characteristic related to the society and human development which displays in nowadays China: the socialist market economy system taking the public ownership system as mainbody and the reform and open policy practice have provided the advantageous system safeguard and the rich material base for social and person' s unification development; while concrete national condition and market economy natural disposition in socialism initial stage have also given certain negative influence to the social and human' s unification development . in the certain social development stages ,human development correspondingly has certain realistic possibility which is limited . in this kind of limited possibility scope, we can still see the inevitability and the fortuitous unification , as well as the movable selective action from main body .Therefore currently we must diligently promote the society and human' s harmonious unification development and vigorously construct the socialism harmonious society on the base of consummating socialist market economy system , improving socialism democratic politics and advanced cultures .accelerating science and technology innovation and protecting ecological environment .
Keywords/Search Tags:Social harmonious development, Human' s full development, Marxism, Dialectical unification, Theory, Process and way
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