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Accept The Aesthetic Tastes Of The Students In Music In The Aesthetic Vision

Posted on:2009-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360242494836Subject:Literature and art
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This paper uses the music acceptation of university students as the center clue. The analysis and expounded of music appreciation's orientation to students unfold from the standpoint of reception esthetics. And the whole passage is divided into four parts.The first chapter states the research purpose and significance, the current situation in this domain, basic thoughts and methods of the thesis and the theoretical basis. It's overview of this article's research. The paper uses survey as the main method, and interviews and data access as the supplemented methods. The condensed questionnaire which is designed according to the music accepts preferences of university students. There are thirty-five questions in all which divide into one-choice questions and multiple-choice. The results are resulted by the data which come from the survey and retain a statistics list.The second chapter adopts the research method of demonstration. The survey investigation has been taken in the Shandong Medical College. There are three sides involved in questionnaire. First of all, the university students have practical sense and acceptable habit for music. And the individual differences influence the music aesthetics habits. Secondly, from the standpoint of the aesthetic object in reception esthetics whether it can satisfy main demand. We discovery the university students whose acceptance are influenced by the current situation of music, especially pop music. Thirdly, the current music, especially pop music's meaning of the musical aesthetics is interpreted by the students. After these questions research, the conclusion of this chapter is that university students enjoy pop music rather than other music, and the current pop music basically satisfy their music demand.The third chapter analyzes the interaction from the reception esthetics angle, further analyzes the thematic status of university students'music acceptation. Among the music receptive process, they show the exchange interaction with the music ontology. The significance of musical aesthetics they understood is different because of the individual differences. In this chapter, the author believes that university students have subjective initiative in music appreciation and acceptation. Their three composes are two-way interaction with the process of compose and play. Among the music appreciation and acceptation, the university students certainly produce self-reflection and re-recognition, even may become a process which sublimate their own spiritual realm.The paper's fourth chapter further analyzes the essential music acceptations of university students. And through analyzes the questionnaire's result, the problem that current university students'accomplishment of musical aesthetics is low widely and have serious trend about aesthetic entertainment. The author considers that current university students'musical aesthetics lack of relevant scientific guidance. Quite a lot of students still never notice the activity of music acceptation to have some effects on their own aesthetic standards. If we want to solve this situation, we need take efforts with the whole society. It should strengthen the aesthetic education of university students, increase the quality of music education of schools at all levels as much as possible, avoid regional differences and lead serious music into the students'daily music acceptation. All of these can help them sufficient know subjectively that excellent literature play an active part in cultivating one's own sentiments, enriching personality and so on. They will active increase their own aesthetic cultivation and capacity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reception esthetics, Pop music, University student, Music accepts preferences
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