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Singing Voice Modeling

Posted on:2006-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The art of vocal music is mostly based on the literary creation of words of a song, followed by melody production and creatively manifested as a whole through stage performance by the means of human voice at last so that performers and spectators can achieve emotional communication and mental resonance from the artistic manifest ation of the words and melody of the works. Among these human voice is the critical link in the display process of vocal voice art because it can transform musical notes in music score into lively sports sounds, making listeners feel its specific and sensible audible images. It can be rightly said that human voice is the most distinctive artistic formation material in the creation of vocal music art and also the most fundamental expression form and formation means as well. Hence, it is important for singers to pay much more attention to the research on singing voice. The writer of this paper has generalized and summarized formativeness, comprehensiv eness, plasticity and creativity of human voice based on his own practice of singing songs. The expressional factors and skills of voice formation for singing songs have been discussed in terms of timbre, volume, language and tone. Besides, research has also been conducted on manifestation approaches of voice formation for singing songs, including comparison, emphasis and stratification. The paper ends with details one must pay attention to in practical singing. It is strongly believed that the above-said has certain realistic significance in helping singers to accurately re-demonstrate feelings and moods of songs as well as to perfectly show musical images of songs.
Keywords/Search Tags:singing, voice formation, factors, and approach
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