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Characteristic Of The Nineteenth Century Italian Opera Singer

Posted on:2008-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The style of opera singing , which is considered to be the important researching range by opera singers all the way. As a lover and learner of "Bel canto" , it is even more necessary to research in this field, because it communicate with our singing performance most closely. While being a singer, the appropriate measure of style and pronouncing method is the important standard to judge the artistic accomplishment of them.Italian opera of 19th Century , which is not only the most popular opera on stage of modern time, but also excellent teaching material of every Chinese conservatory of vocal music department. In consideration of the significant historical and founctional value of Italian opera of 19th Century, this text choose 10 tenor and soprano arias by Rossini, Verdi,Puccini and so on ,who are the principal composer of this period, mainly analyse the particular singing method, and divide it as three periods: early stage of 19th Century, middle stage of 19th Century and final phase of 19th Century ,furthermore to conclude and summarize its sing style characteristic separately , in order to guide the singing practice of myself and expect to give some good suggestion to my schoolmate learning "Bel canto" through my work.
Keywords/Search Tags:19th Century, Italian opera, Aria analysis, Style characteristic
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