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Schoenberg "band Variations" Twelve-tone Processing Technology With The Orchestration

Posted on:2009-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Schoenberg's orchestral variations'is the only large orchestral piece in which he used Twelve-tone Series technique .In this piece of work, he not only explored but also solved how to use the Twelve-tone series technique which emphasizes the equality of the musical form to compose large orchestral pieces. Schoenberg tried as much as he could to harmonize the Twelve-tone system technique and the sound effect , so he enriched the sound color and effect of the orchestra and incarnated the principle of the equality of the sound. On the other hand, the adjustment between the rules of the technique and the sound effect also showed the unharmonized contradiction between both two. The adjustment which he made was obvious and with no alternatives as well. Some exploration and illustration was made in this dissertation on the issue of the settlement of Twelve-tone and instrumental technique.
Keywords/Search Tags:Schoenberg, Orchestral Variations, Twelve-tone Series music, Instrumental technique, The equality of sound color
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