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Yellow River Basin Prehistoric Men And Women Zangmu Study

Posted on:2011-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2205360305959288Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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Huanghe valley is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization.Many prehistoric sites is dotted with in this valley, such as we study the prehistoric civilization of this region provides important physical information. The emergence of joint burial of men and women of our situation pry into the lives of prehistoric society, gender relations, social conditions provide important material. Established, especially in the male and female double sex tombstone on the basis of gender relations, descent and even the social nature of the related discussion has never stopped.This article based on the Yellow River valley of prehistoric men and women buried in the data based on the different men and women buried in the burial of human bones and their characteristics are classified, will be divided into three broad categories of prehistoric men and women tombstone. Based on this combination of men and women tombstone type, number and distribution of regional development and other factors and rheology of its roughly divided into 5 different stages. Double descent men and women tombstone is considered a sign of change, this article will be of particular observations. A joint burial of men and women is the focus of one of the many problems arise, the continuation of this one kind of funeral ceremony for a long time valley wide distribution And this tombstone in the grave always features such issues as the situation of human bones showed some abnormalities. After induction of these anomalies generally have four classes, especially the largest proportion of human bone disturbance. Combined Lintan cemetery tombstone appears repeatedly dug the ground evidence, we believe that prehistoric men and women of the Yellow River Basin in particular is a tombstone tombstone buried in the burial may find there have smooth order. In this conclusion based on the number of women and men tombstone, burial, etc. statistics, we believe that men and women tombstone tombstone men and women in particular, double standards classified as a descent for thought,For the prehistoric gender relations in society, issues of social form also requires more thought.
Keywords/Search Tags:Huanghe valley, prehistoric age, joint burial tomb, process of burying
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