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A Study On Research Of The Prehistoric Inhabitants Burial Customs Of Chawuhu Vally

Posted on:2014-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Burial is placed the human skeletons artificial construction. Believe that the soul not die, in ancient times, Is the living for the dwelling place of the souls of departed. Burial is the people of the beyond, the other shore of the world understanding. Ethnology material certificate, Primitive society members form a clan and the clan tribal life, it is a principle of clan and tribal members live in together, don’t separate to being buried after the death of clan and tribal public cemetery. The ancients regard death as life, pay special attention to funeral rites and burial is a complex system, different age, different regions, different burial culture forms different cultural groups, different burial system formed.Here called burial system, generally includes layout, the graveyard burial ground surface buildings, tombs structure, burial customs, buried with location, the types of burial objects, and other special customs. Burial is the shadow of real life, so the burial system, is the study of ancient society is extremely important material. Burial system is the concentrated reflection of social consciousness about the soul in the concept. Different cultures have very different burial system, burial system has the difference between different cultures identity of meaning. Xinjiang prehistoric site remains small, Through less scientific and archaeological excavations, prehistoric tombs research, not only helps us to understand the ancients views about an afterlife, and the study of the basic materials of people at that time social life situation...
Keywords/Search Tags:Chawuhu valley, Chawuhu culture, grave, burial customs
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