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Government Environmental Information Publicly Legal Issues

Posted on:2010-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206330332478159Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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With the development of economy and society, the problem of environment has becoming more and more prominent. In these days, the environment protection made by government can't meet the needs.therefore, the power of the public has become more important. We should, first of all, make the public informed of the environment information in order to get the public involved in the environmental protection. The government is the most important owner of the environment information, which has the duty to give publicity to information.Meanwhile, the public as well have the right to ask for the relevant environmental information from the government.The publicity construction of the environment information made by our government has achieved some achievements, for instance,《Ways of Environment Information Publicity(for trial implementation)》, which has officially adopted across the country on May 1,2008, but many problems still exist in the stipulations and related legal system, and need solving.The dissertation will carry out the study on the basic theory involved in environmental information publicity, the facing problems and the ways of solving. The content will consist of three parts:Part one, differentiate and analyse the concept of information, environmental information, government environmental information publicity. Moreover, probe into the function of the publicity and the feasibility of our government.Part two, inspect the legislation of government information publicity in America, EU, England, Germany, Japan and other countries, and summarize some features.Part three, analyse the existing problems in the publicity of our country(including legistation imperfection, the existing contradict among laws, imperfect coordinative measures, defective legal remedies, outdated government concept, indifferent public consciousness, the inefficient function of the media). On these basis, the writer advances some solving ways through learning from the relevant experience at home and abroad, in which the writer put more emphasis on discussing the perfection of program supporting measures(including establishment of Chief Information Official system, Information charging system, environment information registration system, publicity process swich system, separation of complexity and simplicity system) and perfection of legal remedies(including setting up environment information committee, easing plaintiff qualitification, improving the inspection stardard of evidence, application of an Informal Resolution Schem, properly adopting non-public trial)...
Keywords/Search Tags:Environmental Information, Administration environmental information public, Right to know the environment
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