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Research On System Of Disclosure Of Government Environmental Information In China

Posted on:2009-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the environmental protection, the participation of the public has made the enormous promotion positively. The citizen environmental consciousness enhancement had the great significance. But government's influential role in social management caused it have the massive environmental information. And many information are unable to obtain for the public, if the government does not publicize these environmental information, not only then has violated public's environment right to know, thus does not favor the public to participate in the environmental protection and it will cause the environment finally extreme worsening, which will be bad for humanity's survival and the security. In the world, the majority countries publicly carried on the legislation to the government environmental information, our country one after another have also promulgated some related laws, the laws and regulations and have achieved great achievement. But our country's government environmental information public legal regime also has many problems which need to go a step further standard and consummation. This article on our country's Government environmental information public elementary theory, the basic content, the existence question as well as the consummation method and so on has carried on the analysis, hoped that can play certain promoter action to our country's government environmental information public work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government environmental information public, environmental information, Environment right to know
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