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Comparison Of The Legal System Of Environmental Information Disclosure Between China And America

Posted on:2017-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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By the incieasingly serious environmental problems, the various elements of the environment is not a private matter but be shared by humanity. In terms of a country’s environmental resources, it’s owned by all the people in the country. Citizens have the right to know all kinds of environmental information in which they live, so that people can know the environment clearly where they live.Since January 1,2015, the "Environmental Protection Law" which is called as the most serious had the power; the law contained a special chapter "Public participation and information disclosure". It means the increasing emphasis on environmental issues, while also strengthening the protection of the environment and participation rights of citizens to environmental information. Recent years, more and more people pay attention on environmental awareness, and environmental information disclosure system has also been concerned. Because of some system is built lately, we are far away from other countries’ information disclosure system, especially the America. American environmental information disclosure system build earlier, it has been completed. Some environmental problem has been solved because of the environmental information disclosure. We can learn relevant systems from America. When we are learning, we should contain with our actual situation but not simply copy related system. We should build our own system by continuing to improve our existing strengths and referencing places on our country doesn’t provide.Depending on the different public body, the environmental information disclosure system includes government environmental information disclosure system and corporate environmental information disclosure system. There are differences between the two countries. US implementation of "Enterprise-Government-Public" mode, but it’s unidirectional in our country. Although China related system is not perfect, but our legislation is more complete. Even though relevant systems have specific legislation, some specific provisions were rough. Therefore, China can learn from the disclosed body, the disclosure, public mode and relief programs in the four areas, in order to complete our environmental information disclosure system. Firstly, don’t confined to the environmental protection departments and key enterprises, but those who master the relevant environmental information relevant government departments and enterprises should be disclosed to the public for the first time. Secondly, we should also disclose all data related chemicals in the production, transportation, and sale of the whole process rather than after the accident.Next, we can also learn from America’s "business-government-the public". It means the government plays the role of transmitters. The government disclosure the information which is disclosed by the enterprises or disclosed by the government urged that disclosed by a database. Although this seems to increase the burden on the government’s work, governments and companies assume the corresponding environmental responsibility and ensure public access to environmental information. Last, by improving citizen’s environmental litigation and environmental administrative proceedings to guarantee the right of citizens to participate in environmental.
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