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Rural Land Contracting Right To Subcontract

Posted on:2012-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Agricultural tax relief from the levy, the large number of villagers, especially migrant villagers which had been subcontracted to recover (or by others to cultivate it) out of the contracted land, which induced a large number of rural family disputes and even violent events, and groups of petitioners events. Treatment than the average cultivated land contracting agriculture-related disputes and contract disputes case more difficult, so explore and study the transfer of the right to land contractual management issues in the subcontract significance. In addition, this paper studies rural land contracting right and the right to subcontract problem, for contract farmers associated with the subcontract, lease to analyze problems and propose some ideas, aims to more clearly related to the concept and nature of the subcontracting and subcontracting to resolve the practical problems encountered in providing information. This paper will be four issues discussed above are discussed. The first part introduces the rural subcontract the concept of land contract rights, properties and subcontracting relationships with contract farmers similarities and differences. The second part is the right of rural land contracting the effectiveness of subcontracting, mainly on the effective elements of subcontracting, and subcontract the effectiveness of invalid cases identified. The third part is about the rural land contract right of the Employer subcontracted to others the issue of contracted land. The fourth part of the right to subcontract the rural land contract null and void, after the termination of treatment and countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:subcontract, sub-contract, efficacy, treatment and countermeasures
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