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An Empirical Study On The Construction Contract Of Multi-layer Subcontract

Posted on:2018-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Construction industry in China is developing in full swing,and highly competitive.In order to complete the project faster,the package is usually subcontracted to other construction parties.This subcontracting behavior is very common in the construction industry.The behavior is the effective use of relevant resources,but also the result of the division of labor industry,has become a common behavior in the industry.Compared with other industries,the construction industry in the quality of the building involved in the interests of significant,related to people's lives and property safety,and subcontracting behavior is directly related to the quality of the building,so our laws and regulations on thebehavior of Strict restrictions have been made.In addition,the subcontracting behavior needs to be constrained by subcontracting.It can be said that subcontracting is the basis and guarantee of subcontracting behavior.Such contracts are more complex and more risky than other contracts.It is important for the parties to the contract to guard against these risks.This article is to discuss the risk of subcontracting.In the paper,the author combined with his own practical experience and related cases,the first of the subcontracts in the legal relationship and legal issues were sorted out;followed by the contract from the signing to the implementation process as the axis,summed up the subcontract And then analyzes the causes of the risk.Finally,it puts forward some suggestions on how to prevent the contract risks from the practical point of view.
Keywords/Search Tags:Subcontract, Risk prevention, Construction works
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