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Several Studies Have Practical Problems Subcontract Land Contractual Right

Posted on:2014-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since our country travel the household contract responsibility system, the majority of farmers and give full play to the initiative, has made the tremendous contribution for our country’s agricultural production. With the rapid development of Chinese economy, began to multiple operating mode, farmers also try other mode of operation, so will the land subcontracting to others, his other industry, but in the contracting process, also appeared a lot of problems, I according to the problems in practice, discussion is made on the related content.In this paper, the main question is, in the rural land contracting process, subcontract characteristics, then tells the lease of their attributes, has the right to contract if the certificate is a prerequisite for subcontracting; whether must sign a written contract in subcontracting, subcontracting period; subcontract subject which, inheritance people can inherit; what are the transferee, civil servants can become a subcontract transferee, how to determine the lifting of the contract, if the termination of the contract, should be how to return, the party will be discussed on the above issues.
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